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Division of Curriculum & Teaching Professional Certification

Introduction on Division of Courses and Certification
  1. Practices affairs including secondary school teacher pre-service education course professional courses and professional education courses credits amendment, filing reports to the Ministry of Education and filing reports to including relevant issues into the course manual of NCUE.
  2. Practices professional education courses selection.
  3. Practices issues on pre-service teacher status information management.
  4. Practices issues regarding the opening of secondary school teacher pre-service education courses and professional education courses.
  5. Practices pre-service teacher scholarship selection.
  6. Practices issues regarding course credit examination and issuing completion pre-service teacher education certificates for those who have completed pre-service teacher education courses.
  7. Practices subject adding and another subject area adding course credit examination issues


How to Obtain a Teacher Certificate:
  1. Obtain the pre-service teacher qualification of NCUE.
  2. Take pre-service teacher education courses, professional education courses, area of specialization courses, and other required courses of NCUE.
  3. After the application of NCUE pre-service teacher education courses examination has been passed, a certificate of completion of the pre-service teacher education courses of NCUE will be issued.
  4. Pass the National Teacher Qualification Examination.
  5. Take and pass the practical education training.